Breast enlargement with autogenous fat

Autogenous fat grafting to the breast for cosmetic enhancement is an alternative procedure since development of new harvesting and injecting techniques. It has become a method of choice. Fat is natural, has a soft consistency, the absence of rejection, and the versatility of use in many surgical techniques have always made autogenous adipose tissue an ideal filling material. The fat survival ranged from 40% to 70% at 1 year. The volume is maintained because transferring living fat tissue, a consistent amount of adult mesenchymal stem cells that spontaneously differentiated into preadipocytes and then into adipocytes will also be transplanted. Mesenchymal stem compensating for the partial loss of mature adipocytes reabsorbed through time.

Therefore autogenous fat grafting to the breast can be a useful procedure for breast enhancement and contouring esp. in tumour patients who desire such a procedure. Patients with breast contour deformities after removal of silicon implants were found to be the best candidates for fat grafting. It improves the breast cosmetic contour significantly in a series of 28 patients. 

Microcalcifications can occur in response to any trauma or surgery of the breast, but are very different in appearance and location. They can easily be discriminated from those appearing in the context of a neoplastic focus. 

Autogenous fat grafting is a safe and viable alternative to the use of breast implants in some patients seeking breast enlargement with breast implants. Mamma augmentation with fat is an alternative for cases in which additive mastoplasty with implants is either unsuitable or unacceptable by the patient herself.

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